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Japanese Sales - Plush Toys / Stationary / Accessories

Please respond to the store front here if you would like to buy.
This page contains my sales for: Japanese Plush / Stationary / Accessories

Taito Funfactory Post Pet Cafe Plush - Large Size - $20 (Sits about 12" tall) [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

Taito Funfactory Post Pet Lolit a Plush - Large Size - $25 Each or $45 for both. (Sit about 12" tall)

Taito Funfactory Post Pet Beanie Plush (About 5") - $10

Cinnomoroll Berry Mascot UFO MWT - $7

Maruneko Club Mascots (All MWT) - $7.50 Each [Back]
Tiny Christmas Maruneko - $5

Sheep w/Donut Mascot MWT - $5
Chibitora Tiger Plush MWT - $5
Piyo Chan Ducky Pouch Plush MWT - $5
Sheep Pouch MWT - $7

Panda Mascot MWT - $5
Birdy Mascot MWT - $5
Happy Christmas Bunny Mascot MWT - $10

Nintendo Goomba Plush TTO - $4

Sleepy Rilakkuma On Back MWT - $15 [x] [x]

Sleepy Rilakkuma On Tummy MWT - $15 [x] [x] [x]

Gloomy Bear Stationary Bundle - $25
(Includes: Clear file, pencil case, notebook & pen set, eraser and a reflective keychain. All never used.)

Gloomy Bear Bride Plush - $35 or Make an Offer
(Not sure what to price this one at. Seems it's become quite rare, I can't find one for sale anywhere! I'm quite fond of it and don't want to let it go for too little :/)

Christmas GP Rabbit (Tagged) - $15
Baby Blue Gloomy Bear - $15
Black GP Reabbit (Tagged) - $15

Gloomy Bear Red Belt Pouch Plush (Tagged) - $10 (Another Pic)

Gloomy Bear Black Hanging Pouch Plush - $15 (Another Pic)

GP Rabbit Ear-Pouch Plushies - $15 Each (Tagged) (Turquoise, Pink & White Available) (Another Pic)

Gloomy Bear White Hanging Pass Case Plush (Tagged) - $15 (Another Pic)
Gloomy Bear Pink Hanging Pouch Plush (Tagged) - $15 (Another Pic)

Gloomy Bear Halloween Plushies
Purple Ghost - $15 (Tagged)
Orange Witch - $15

Gloomy Bear Halloween Mascots - $4 Each (Tagged)
Ghost (right) has a small, faint mark on the face that could probably be cleaned, but I don't want to risk messing up the tag or minky >w<)

Gloomy Bear Misc. Mascots
Babies - $4 Each or all 3 for $10
Button Bear (Tagged) - $5
Red Paw (Tagged) - $3
White Paw - $2

To be updated soon - I need to take more pictures!
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