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Pokemon Sales - Bandai Kid Figures

Please respond to the store front here if you would like to buy.
This page contains my sales for: Bandai Kids Figures (Finger Puppets)
Boxed Kids

In many cases, I have multiples of some of these, so I'll only mark them as sold if all copies are gone. All will be sent in a bubblemailer with the box flattened along with the sticker unless otherwise requested.

$5 Each
Available: Mismagius, Gible, Charizard (Attack), Sableye, Chespin, Red Genesect (Attack), Mewtwo (Attack), Pancham, Pikachu (Iron Tail), Froakie, Fennekin, Fennekin (Attack)

$5 Each
Available: Xernes, Yveltal, Red Genesect, Noivern (Attack), Chespin (Attack), Gogoat (Attack), Purple Genesect (Attack), Litleo (attack), Helioptile (Attack), Froakie (Attack), Inkay (Attack), Fletchling (attack)

$5 Each
Available: Fletchling, Dedenne, Inkay, Waving Pikachu, Bunnelby, Helioptile, Nidoking, Pink Frillish, Kirlia
Loose Kids

Some of these are brand new, others have marks/scuffs on them. Judge best you can from the pictures and ask if unsure. Higher value ones usually closer to the top of this page.

Special Namco Exclusive Kids - $10 Each
Available: Clear Shiny Genesect, Pearly Oshawott, Clear Snivy, Clear Iris's Dragonite, Pikachu x2

Mew Kids ($7 Each), Jirachi Kid ($5), Jirachi Non-Kid ($3), Deerling ($4)

Shinx-Line Kids
Available: Luxray ($6), Luxio Sitting ($4), Luxio Attack ($5), Shinx ($5), Shinx Attack ($5), Rare Clear Shinx ($25)
Stickers ($2 Each)

Pikachu Kids
Sparky (Pen on back) ($4), Stretchy Face ($10), Sleeping ($5), All Others ($3 Each)

Emboar DX ($4), Others $3 Each

Raichu Newer ($5), Raichu Old ($3), Zoura Side ($5), Zoura Sparckle ($10), Cyndaquil ($3)
Clear Jolteon ($6), Newer Eevee ($6 each), Clear Eevee ($5), Ninetails ($5)

Magikarp ($4), Iris ($6), Pancham ($4), Driftloon ($3), Shaymin Land ($6), Bidoof ($5), Swinub ($5), Spinorak ($5)

Rappidash ($4 Each), Vulpix Clear ($5), All Others ($3) Sold: Normal Vulpix x1

Old Charizard 1* ($1), Old Charizard 2 ($3), Newer Charizards ($4 each), Charmeleons ($3 Each), Charmanders ($3 Each)
*Marks on belly.

Squirtle Line Kids - $3 Each

DX Moltres ($4 Each), DX Zekrom ($4), Other Moltres ($3 each)
Middle Moltres Sold.

Legendary Kids ($3 Each) Sold: Prowling Raikou

Poochyena ($5), Others ($3 each)

All figures in this pic $3 each.
Sold: Winking Emolga

Clefairy ($4), All Others ($3 each)

All figures in this picture are $2 each. EXCEPT Scoliopede which is $3
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