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2019 Sales Store Front

UPDATE: 12/12/19: Hey guys! Long time no see. I'm going to be adjusting some pricing, adding new items, and reopening very soon. If you see something you're interested in, feel free to leave a comment and I'll reply when I open.

As we are so close to Christmas, I can no longer guarentee that packages for outside the UK will reach their destinations before then, however I will be making best efforts to get to the post office asap after payments have been recieved to increase the chances. As it is the busier season, I will be insisting on tracking and insurance for any package over £20 GBP in value.


Sales are:

Opening Soon!


Hello! My name is Claire, or sugar0coated here on LJ. I'm a toy/merchandise collector from the UK, as a casual illustrator. Over the years, I've far over-accumulated my collectible goodies, so I decided to make one place I could list, so that those interested in buying could see everything I have to offer, and combine postage. Please comment here if you're interested in purchasing anything I have for sale, and I'll get back to you asap!

○ I am located in the UK, which is where the items will be shipped from.
○ Prices are in US dollars (USD) and do not include shipping and PP fees.
○ I accept Paypal only. (Send as "Goods and Services" for your protection!)
○ Priority goes to those who commit first, not those that ask for a quote.
○ Payment expected within 48 hours of me giving a total. If you need longer/a payment plan, ask first.
○ I retain the right to refuse sale to anyone, especially those banned from other sales communities.

Other stuff to note~
○ My home is smoke-free.
○ I have two dogs. They are hypoallergenic breeds (border terrier and a yorkshire terrier/shih tzu cross), and not allowed in the spaces I keep my collectibles, but if you have a strong allergy, be advised transfer is a possibility, since I can't guarantee no contamination.
○ Items are stored in sealed plastic tubs with lids. Sometimes tags or boxes receive little dings or creases this way in storage. While I'll try to note when this occurrs, please let me know if pristine packaging is super important to you, so that I can take more care and additional photographs if need-be.
○ I have a wishlist! I'm usually happy to trade for items on it. Not right now! Needs a revamp~
○ Response times vary. If I advertised sales recently I will obviously check often and usually reply within 24 hours, but if it has been a few weeks/months, expect a delay, as I may not be checking LJ! Feel free to email me at sugar0coated [AT] gmail [DOT] com if it's been a while without a reply, as I might not have even seen the notification.
○ I had to add this note due to repeated instances of this - Please be reasonably sure of what you want to buy before commenting! Too often, I've gotten long lists of items, only for the person to reshuffle their list another 5+ times before deciding what they want. Every time you do this, I need to reweigh everything and calculate a whole new total. While I don't mind doing this to some extent, especially if you want to buy more items, doing it over and over is super tedious and time-consuming for me, and can lead to mistakes, like missing items from your order etc. Please help me retain my sanity! :')

○ pkmncollectors sales permission granted 3rd July by dakajojo. Feedback here. Old feedback here.
○ eBay feedback here.
○ DenOfAngels feedback here.

I get my quotes from here. I don't guess much, and I used the tracked/signed for service in general. The exemption lies with packages at a value of LESS than $50 USD, or if I have dealt with you before a few times. Prices below are also the base amounts for most non-flats. Higher-value items may require an additional cost for insurance purposes.

As a general guide, (updated September 2019) a few pokedoll sized plush and similar will likely have the following shipping charge in GBP (which will be converted at time of purchase to USD).
○ UK: £4.00 for second class recorded.
○ EU: £10.95 for international tracked and signed. £6.65 for basic airmail.
○ USA/CA: £13.50 for international tracked and signed. £9.10 for basic airmail.
○ AU: £14.00 for international tracked. £9.80 for basic airmail.

Usually, this price remains the same or goes up only very slightly to add multiple items. Meaning two-four pokedoll sized plush will mail for the same price. Larger figures and dolls might be heavier and affected more. For a more accurate quote, you can ask me. I would prefer you only ask me for a quote if you are actually intending the purchase the items if the postage is the above price or less, since I don't like wasting time as much as I'm sure you don't!

Flat items have a much lower shipping rate. It depends on how flat the flat item is once packaged to judge this, so please do have some patience with me as it might take me a bit longer to grab a shipping quote on items like this. (I may need to go to the post office and ask).

I don't charge for transport or for shipping materials unless I need to purchase special packaging such as top loaders or an oversized shipping box. I default to using padded envelopes wherever possible. Some of my packaging, especially boxes, are recycled. I try to ensure tags/boxes/flats are protected.

Bandai Kid Figures
Cloth Items / Apparel / Misc.
Stationary / Clearfiles/ Stickers / Cards (Non-TCG)
• TCG / TCG Files

○ Ball Jointed Dolls (BJDs) ○
Dolls + Doll Parts
• Clothing / Wigs / Eyes / Misc.

○ Other ○
• Japanese: Plush Toys / Stationary / Accessories
• Japanese: Figures / Nendoroids / Figma / etc.
Disney Toys / Dolls / Tsum Tsum / Plush
Gaming, Movie & Pop Culture or Cute Merch
• Monster High: Loose Dolls / Boxed Dolls / Accessories

○ Art Commissions & Prints ○
• Soon
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